Is Germany Safe?

People ask me if Germany is safe. Well, depends…

Frankfurt, for instance, is a big city. More than 1 million people enter the city every day to work. The city, in general, is safe, but there are some places I would not go even in daylight…

Berlin is another big city. More than 3.5 million habs. In 2016 / 2017 more than 1.2 million refugees entered Germany and many went to Berlin.

The main problem is now the bicycle theft. As you can see from the photo below.


But in general, there is no big problem. You can walk around the city without any incident.

However, again, there are certain neighborhoods that you need to be careful. In Kottbus for instance, there are lots of Afghans and Syrians selling all kind of drugs. The main problem is that they are persistent and follow you trying to sell…

And the police does nothing because it is not something that can lend them in jail. They just register the occurrence, and that is it. The guy will be back to streets immediately…

One important note. Not every foreigner is criminal. There are good people too… Unfortunately, these few bad elements give a bad reputation to the country of origin….




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