Green Areas in Berlin

What is really cool in Berlin is the huge amount of parks and green areas.

You will find inside the city foxes, rabbits, raccoons, etc.

The entrance is indicated as above.



Many times you will also find complementary information.


The Berliners love the “KleinGartens”. These are associations that lend the land to Berliners so that they can have a garden inside the city, even if they live in apartments.

The photo above shows an example of the decorations they love to put in their “Kleingarten”…



You will also find lots of lakes that helps the migratory birds…




Unfortunately, the weather sometimes is so strong that some trees fall and it is necessary to remove them… :/


There are lots of old trees… Sometimes, I think that the forest is more than alive…



There are lots of corridors connecting green areas. These corridors are for people and are normally well maintained. Inclusive with a path in asphalt or in briquets…




I was walking back and found a squirrel.